Monday, February 20, 2012

Resolution Update

1. Survive Amsterdam. 
2. Lose weight (at least 15 lbs). I think just about everyone makes this resolution. The batteries in my scale died! But we have started Crossfit so hopefully this will happen soon.
3. Read at least 12 books. I've already finished two books this year, so I'm on pace to complete this one.
4. Run at least 4 more half marathons. We've started talking about running the Munich Half in October! I just need to find a few more!
5. Improve 5k time to under 35 minutes. I honestly haven't run any sort of distance since we moved. I need to get cracking on that.
6. Improve half marathon time to under 3 hours. This will happen hand in hand with goal number 2. There's a great article from Runner's World on finding your Ideal Weight.
7. Commit to Jillian Michaels DVDs for 90 days (30 Day Shred, Ripped in 30, and Buns and Thighs). I haven't even started this because like I said we're doing Crossfit now.
8. Start training for a marathon. I've decided to run Mickey in 2013 so I won't need to start until May/June for training.
9. Cook at least three meals per week (only one of which can be pasta). If I were a teacher, I would say this needs improvement. We're still trying to get settled. But once we do, cooking will start.
10. Only eat out once per week, unless traveling. We've actually gotten better about this...but Brian is the one cooking!

Once spring comes, I plan on getting out and running more. It's been so cold lately and it seems this is the time that I'm getting my annual sinus infection. I was hoping to avoid it but no such luck! By way of travel, our next trip will be to Berlin. I'm really excited about that as it'll be a new city for me and there's so much to do. 

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