Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Hey All! It's been a while and boy have we been on some whirlwind trips! I'm not sure B has worked a full week of work since late April! This is partly because of how holidays fell with already planned travel. Our month has been like this:

May 2 - My birthday and also a huge fest in our town. So my birthday party coincided with a huge outdoor party and a great 90s cover band!

May 9-12 - Prague Marathon Weekend! I survived my part, even with all the injuries. It felt great to get out a run again. Already looking up our next race!

May 23-26 - Barcelona for Memorial Day. We decided to take a beach trip and see a new city. It was a great trip, more on that later.

May 31-June 7 - Normandy. Yes a full week to coincide with the 70th anniversary of D-Day. It was an amazing, once in a lifetime experience. Again, more on that later.

June 13-16 - Copenhagen. Another four day weekend trip.

At this point, we have less than 6 months left in Germany so we're trying to make the most of our time left and the travel opportunities we can take. I'll put up full recaps of our trips later.