Wednesday, August 8, 2012

July Tracker

1. Survive Amsterdam. 
2. Lose weight (at least 15 lbs). I think just about everyone makes this resolution. I'm still losing! I haven't hit 15 yet (but that would be a bit unhealthy if I had). But the scale is moving down!!!!!
3. Read at least 12 books. 
4. Run at least 4 more half marathons. I'm going to assume this goal will not happen. I'm only registered for two distance races this year and the marathon next year. 
5. Improve 5k time to under 35 minutes. I'm working on this one. And we're registered for a 5k at the end of September.
6. Improve half marathon time to under 3 hours. I've seen some encouraging times on my Garmin while running. Here's hoping my work will may off.
7. Commit to Jillian Michaels DVDs for 90 days (30 Day Shred, Ripped in 30, and Buns and Thighs). Again, this goal isn't happening so much. But I'm not ready to give up yet.
8. Start training for a marathon.  
9. Cook at least three meals per week (only one of which can be pasta). We've gotten really good about this. But I won't be able to cross it off until the end of year. 
10. Only eat out once per week, unless traveling. Again, we're doing pretty good on this one too!

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