Friday, August 23, 2013


It kills me to write this post. For a while, I have been experiencing knee pain while running. I saw a doctor about a month ago and he said it was just a tracking issue with my patellar tendon. So I did what he said, did some exercises, taped it, even wore a knee brace that was supposed to help it. Nothing worked. I took two weeks off of marathon training to hopefully heal it. I went for a run on Sunday and still massive pain. I can't even make it through 5 minutes without limping. So, I had another doctor's appointment Monday. New doctor. I explained everything to him, he preformed some tests on me and thinks it may be a torn meniscus. I had an X-Ray Tuesday (and I'm waiting for the results). If it comes back normal, then I'll have an MRI and start physical therapy. But the doctor flat out said no marathon in November. I am crushed by this as my husband and I have already registered for the Athens Classic Marathon (the Original!). I may be able to run the 10k but that will depend on how I progress.