Thursday, May 30, 2013

Disneyland Paris Day 2

The second day of DLP, we drove because we were going to be leaving to head home after our time at the park. We again arrived early so we could grab breakfast and then get in line for Crush's Coaster at Walt Disney Studios (the DHS of Paris). This coaster is so popular that everyone starts lining up before rope drop and it was totally worth the wait. You are basically riding a turtle shell through the EAC so you need to "Rip it, roll it and punch it" (not really, I just love that quote). The downside to this ride is, there are no Fast Passes. If you go, this needs to be one of the first rides you hit.
After hanging down under, we grabbed Fast Passes for Tower of Terror and then rode Rock n Roller Coaster. Unlike Disney World, Rock n Roller Coaster did not have a story behind it. It was a coaster that was in the dark with lights flashing like a concert and again Aerosmith music. Orlando's is better. Tower of Terror hasn't been updated yet so it's just the three drops. Again, Orlando's is better. So, after all this, we decided it was lunchtime. We tried out Cafe des Stars. This was pretty fun because there is a life size Remy that comes out under a waiter's tray and he can bust a move! <3

We meandered around, met some characters including Gaston, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumm, Remy and Emile. We then caught Lights, Motors, Action. I was a little disappointed because the videos I've seen made it seem more action packed. But it was interesting and good to get off our feet for a bit. We then caught the Stars and Cars parade.
Toy Story Car

Mary Poppins's Car
The Villain Car
After the parade, we had decided that it was time to make our way home. I think for our next trip, we will just ride Crush's Coaster and then spend the rest of the day at Disneyland Park. It was a wonderful birthday trip :)

If anyone has questions about Disneyland Paris, let me know. It was difficult to plan what to do when there is not a lot of information available.

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