Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wine and Dine Relay Leg #1

This was my first Disney race so I didn't really know what to expect. Brian (hubby) dropped his brother and I off at EPCOT shortly after 7 and we were able to walk right on to the bus. Once we got to ESPN Wide World of Sports, we met up with ROTErs in the middle of the field. They were easy to spot in red and we made our way over there, running into a couple of ROTErs (Bob and Stephanie) on the way. We milled around with other ROTErs until it was time for relay runner #2 to head to the bus. My brother-in-law left me to head to the exchange point. I headed to the corral just before 9:30 and made a new ROTE friend. Rachel somehow found me in the corral and we started together. I lost her after starting and then just went along with my intervals. (Note to self: next time I do a Disney race spend time at the parks after the race, not before. My legs felt heavy from the start.) I passed Katie and Steve (more ROTErs) just before mile 3 and I just kept chugging along. I somehow passed Laura (another ROTEr) without knowing it but she called me out heading into Animal Kingdom so we ran together until the relay split. It was great having a running partner for a bit of the race. After leaving Laura, I "passed the baton" to my brother-in-law and worked my way on a bus to EPCOT.

Once in EPCOT, I met up with Brian and my sister-in-law after getting my free beer and going through bag check twice. We met brother-in-law shortly after he finished and I didn't manage to see any ROTErs at the after party. I got cold and had to buy a long sleeve shirt from the Run Disney booth and then we managed to do a full lap around World Showcase before closing. I had a few items but I should have had more as I was starving before breakfast. We didn't ride any rides and I only had a few drinks. Brian made fun of me for having a Bud Light as I was entering the park but when I explained what the options were, he understood. I would have liked wine as an option. It also would have been nice to have more shopping locations open, especially with the weather. We went back to the Run Disney store later and they were sold out of the long sleeve shirt.

But overall this was a fun race! I think the relay is the way to go because you don't have to run too far and then you get to enjoy the party. It'll be on the list to do again.

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