Saturday, September 17, 2011


Hi All!

I haven't updated in a while...I can't believe it was August 27 when I last posted. Where does time go?

Anyways, since then I have announced to friends and family that we are Germany, which is why there are European races on the list. We're nervous, exited and ready to see what is in store for us. (I hope the title makes more sense now that you all know too!)

My RP and I had a 9.5 mile run and an 11 mile run. I think the 9.5 went better than the 11 because we started at like 8 am (for the 11 we started at 4 pm). It's amazing what the time difference will do! We have discussed starting all runs in the morning so we can get a feel for what race day in late October will feel like. Although, it is helpful to have warmer training runs because Disney Wine and Dine is coming up very soon!!!! I'm so excited for this race. I get to see family and hang out with some very cool ROTErs! It'll also be fun to hit the parks one last time before leaving the country.

So, back to training runs. On the 9.5 run we tried Honey Stinger Chews, Pink Lemonade flavor. They weren't bad! It was kind of like a gummy bear. I will definitely try these again.
 For the 11 mile run...we tried GU. I had the Pineapple and my RP had the Mandarin Orange. It was interesting. We had them at about mile 6. From what I understand...maybe we should have put them in the fridge. The texture was not my favorite but I will give it another chance refrigerated.

This reminds me that if anyone wants me to review products. I'm happy to do so!!

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